Un lieu unique et paisible pour la pêche aux poissons blancs

A campsite near Bordeaux with free fishing on a private 10ha lake

On-site there’s no need for a fishing licence, our pumpkinseed, carp, grass carp, roach, tench and bream are all within reach of your fishing line. The camping Yelloh! Village Saint-Emilion is the perfect spot to teach your children how to fish. They’ll be delighted to discover this great activity, an opportunity for them to get close to nature and learn to respect animal life.

Night fishing is allowed, as is “catch and release” fishing for carp. “Catch and release” is a more respectful way of fishing for the sole pleasure of the catch with the fish being released immediately afterwards, under the best possible conditions and with great care.

You’d like to vary the pleasure of fishing? Near the campsite you can also get out and explore other attractive spots such as the 52ha Les Dagueys Lake or the 26ha Les 5 Chemins Lake. Come and enjoy a stay here with us, there’ll be more than enough to quench your thirst for fishing!