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Discover the Gironde - Bordeaux and the Dordogne from the Saint-Émilion Yelloh Village campsite

Discover the Gironde, the Dordogne and Bordeaux from the camping Yelloh! Village Saint-Emilion.

With the family, your friends or just the two of you, make the most of your holiday in Nouvelle Aquitaine to head off and explore a unique region. Fall under the charm of all the remarkable and unmissable sites nearby: Saint-Emilion, Libourne, Castillon-la-Bataille, Bordeaux, the Citadel of Blaye, the Bassin d'Arcachon, the Dune du Pilat ... So many places and each certain to amaze.

So wait no longer, it’s time to discover what’s on the programme for your next holiday!

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Camping Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion - Patrimoine

Just 3km from the campsite, discover Saint-Emilion - An exceptional cultural heritage nestling amidst the vines opens its doors.

Saint-Emilion was originally founded back in the 8th century and since 1999 the 8 municipalities of its jurisdiction are listed as a world heritage site under the title of “Cultural Landscapes”. A world first for a wine-growing terroir. Exceptional!

A visit to Saint-Emilion means taking a jump back into history to a world where architecture, lifestyle and the Middle Ages all combine to produce a totally sublime result. Saint-Emilion, with its gorgeous mediaeval town centre, still retains the vestiges of this period virtually intact. Climb to the top of the Tour du Roy (the 13th century keep where the Jurats of Saint-Emilion proclaim the opening of the grape harvest each September), and the bell tower of the monolithic church, both offer a magnificent view over Saint-Emilion and the Dordogne Valley. The monolithic church and its bell tower (the largest in Europe) never fail to surprise!

Take a moment to explore the town, on foot, or by bike, tourist bus or the little land train: guided visits are regularly organised by the tourist office! And there’s all you could want to keep the kids happy with special visits and a grand treasure hunt through the town reserved especially for them! They’re going to love it!

Call into reception and you’ll find all the practical information you need about Saint-Emilion, you can even book your visit and register for the free shuttle bus to take you there.

Further information: www.saint-emilion-tourisme.com

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Vin Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion - Winemaking

Saint Emilion is a prestigious name, which evokes wines that are famous all over the world. Make the most of your stay by coming to discover the vineyards and finding out about winemaking methods, meet the winemakers who are so passionate about their region and try some of the delicious wines produced here!

Campsite reception will tell you where to find the best cooperative wine sellers, wine producers and vineyards. You'll also be able to register to meet these winemakers who love their region so much!

Don’t miss taking part in our wine-tourism activities and enjoy tasting the local wine down at the lakeside. The ideal opportunity for a surprising and fun experience, and a chance to sample good wine, accompanied by local specialities.

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Camping Libourne


Located just 10 minutes away from the campsite, the city of Libourne will be ideal for discovering the region or enjoying a shopping outing. With a shopping centre, cinema, exhibitions, festivals and more, you'll find all you need here!

Your visit to Libourne will be an opportunity to enjoy a bit of relaxation on the beach or beside the lake, or how about seeing the amazing tidal bore called the mascaret, when the ocean tides hurtle upriver. Don't miss the open-air market, every Sunday morning.

Further information : en.tourisme-libournais.com

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Castillon la Bataille

Castillon la Bataille

Just 13 km from the campsite, Castillon la Bataille, in Nouvelle Aquitaine, bears a rich cultural and historical heritage. Each summer the town presents an amazing pageant portraying the battle that brought the hundred years' war to an end. Plunge into the heart of the period with a whole series of other entertainment to enjoy before the main show: medieval jousting and combat, dances, craft stalls...

This is one experience you really shouldn't miss during your holiday at Yelloh! Village Saint Emilion in the Gironde!

For more information: www.batailledecastillon.com

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Camping Bordeaux


Only 40 minutes from Yelloh! Village Saint Emilion, Bordeaux was recently voted France's most beautiful town and is certainly worth a trip. Enjoy a stroll down the quaysides, past the walls of the fine buildings, then branch off to the more highly-populated area of Saint-Michel, which is where you'll find the very soul of Bordeaux, before enjoying a bit of time in one of the city's parks. 

The "water mirror", visually spectacular and adored by children, adds the perfect finishing touch to the Place de la Bourse, just a step away from the emblematic Grand Théatre whose cultural light has shone over the historic town centre for more than three centuries!

Further information : www.bordeaux-tourism.co.uk

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Cité du Vin, Bordeaux

A true celebration of wine, the Cité du Vin is a unique landmark with its futurist architecture and swirling curves. Make the most of your stay at Yelloh! Village Saint Emilion and take the family on an exploration of the world’s vineyards, presented through the permanent exhibition and various wine-tasting sessions.

And the kids haven't been forgotten with fun educational workshops designed especially for them! The Cité du Vin also houses fascinating temporary exhibitions, but the "high point" of any visit must be the belvedere! At a height of 35 m it offers an incredible bird's eye view over the city!

Whatever you do, don’t leave without visiting its panoramic restaurant on the 7th floor, wine bar, gourmet snacks... Nothing has been forgotten to delight the eye and tempt the taste buds.

For more information: www.laciteduvin.com

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La Citadelle de Blaye

Citadelle de Blaye

Just 55km from the campsite, the Citadel of Blaye is a former military complex.

Fortified between 1685 and 1689 by the famous architect Sébastien Vauban, the Citadel of Blaye, along with Fort Pâté and Fort Médoc, are now listed as Unesco world heritage sites under the heading “Verrou Vauban”.
The Porte Royale and its pediment, intricately carved with the sun emblem of Louis XIV, are waiting to welcome you. Wander through its charming narrow streets with their many craft shops until you finally reach the Place d’Armes and an exceptional panorama over the Gironde estuary and its islands.

Nearby you’ll find the Les Minimes Convent, built under Henri IV as a place of worship for the garrisons, and the Château des Rudel, taking its name from an illustrious Blaye family.
Take the little land train or a horse-drawn carriage to visit the citadel and enjoy a great family outing! Unless of course you prefer a guided tour of the underground passageways to gain a better understanding of the defensive system put in place by Vauban.

Further information: www.tourisme-blaye.com

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Bassin d’Arcachon

Less than 1 1/2 hours from the campsite yet the Bassin d'Arcachon is another world! An amazing range of different landscapes: oyster harbours, sandy beaches, a nature reserve, the pine forest, cabins on stilts, the ultra chic Lège-Cap Ferret peninsula and the famous the Dune du Pyla...

Oyster harbours, beaches of soft fine sand, pine forests, a renowned peninsula, the “cabanes tchanquées” (cabins on stilts) and the famous Dune du Pilat. The highest dune in Europe, reaching an impressive 110m, it offers a truly breathtaking view over the whole of the Bassin d’Arcachon and the surrounding forest of maritime pines. Your kids will particularly love hurtling back down again at breakneck speed!
Arcachon is also a veritable paradise for all those who love Arcachon-Cap Ferret oysters, so don’t miss an opportunity to sample them in one of the many oyster huts set at the water’s edge!
So many enchanting sites to discover during your holiday at the Yelloh! Village Saint-Emilion.

For more information: www.bassin-arcachon.com/en/